Friday, August 4, 2017

Bibliography from the year 2030

1. The Everwood: a Guide to Episodic Play

2. 100 Floor Dungeon - published 1 floor at a time then combined at the end in a nice package.

3. The One Module That's a Fully Loaded Village, Easy to Pick Up and Drop Into Any Campaign World With Ease, and With Enough Stuff in it to Run an Entire Campaign With Just That Book (think Stardew Valley)

4. Aberdeen: The City That's Trying to Kill You

5. Time Loop Adventure - it would be simple in set up and design, made for open interpretation by DMs. Think of it as a list of details that happen over a 3-day period, fully detailed. After those 3 days the world is destroyed and the PCs reset with the knowledge, items, and xp they gained those 3 days. Rinse repeat until they defeat the evil or give up.

6. Haven's Throne - think Gothic Disney.

7. Atli's Academy of the Arts - a ruined school that was attacked by a dragon. Basically a "get-in-and-get-out-before-the-dragon-sees-you" adventure.

8. The Metal Gear Solid Module, basically a sandbox filled with tools and warring factions. The fun of this one would be choosing sides and getting the factions to kill each other.

9. The Death Star is a Mega Dungeon

10. That Thing My Party Wants to do That I Never Really Thought of...

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