Saturday, April 4, 2020

d100 trinkets

  1. Pocket knife your dad gave you
  2. Family sword
  3. Silver sword you found in the woods
  4. Pistol your mother left behind
  5. Your ex’s favorite hoodie
  6. Baseball cap from your favorite team
  7. Beanie stitched by your best friend
  8. An unwilling tattoo
  9. A coin that always lands “heads”
  10. A key you never found the lock to
  11. A blue stone that gives you advice sometimes
  12. Poorly developed photograph of a strange land
  13. Your favorite album
  14. Unopened letter from a friend who has passed
  15. Totem that cleanses dirty water
  16. Cloak with a hidden compartment
  17. Pirate brand
  18. Locked spellbook that isn’t yours
  19. Mood ring - shows your mood to others
  20. Small backpack but you can fit inside of it snuggly
  21. Detailed drawing of a demonic ritual circle
  22. Glass jar with a lying spirit in it
  23. Very elegant and terribly ancient spyglass
  24. You get a random potion (d100)
  25. Diminutive lockbox keyed to your fingerprint
  26. Dying MP3 players with your favorite song on it
  27. Locket with a photograph of an older you in it
  28. You have a secret admirer that’s been sending you letters
  29. Fairy blood in a necklace-vial, if exposed to air might attract dragons
  30. 10 gold coins from an era long past
  31. Agora Apocalyptica, a book that describes the end of the world in great detail and mentions your name specifically
  32. Time spinner filled with sand, if smashed will let you act first in initiative order
  33. A small conch that will whisper a secret in your ear
  34. A diary written in a language you don’t know
  35. A small idol depicting a Nightmare that gives you unsettling dreams when you sleep near it
  36. A deed for a parcel of land in a realm unknown to you
  37. An old divination card bearing your likeness
  38. A worn cassette that plays a song you dimly remember from your childhood
  39. A dragon’s bony talon hanging from a plain leather necklace
  40. Blank book whose pages refuse to hold ink, chalk, graphite, or any other substance
  41. A rank insignia from a Mech Pilot
  42. Tiny cage that has no door
  43. Fragments of an unfinished song, written in tablature
  44. Silver teardrop earring made from a real teardrop
  45. An ornate scabbard that fits no blade you have found so far
  46. A bronze pentacle with an etching of a rat’s head in its center
  47. Receipt of deposit at a bank in a far-flung city
  48. Vial of dragon blood
  49. Tiny mechanical crab that moves about when it’s not being observed
  50. Metal urn containing the ashes of a hero
  51. A little black book that records your dreams when you sleep
  52. Key to the family crypt
  53. A switch used to discipline you as a child
  54. MP3 players that plays by itself whenever someone holding it dances
  55. Flag from a ship lost at sea
  56. Small, worn book of pre-war nursery rhymes
  57. Picture you drew as a child of your imaginary friend
  58. Spinning top carved with four faces: happy, sad, wrathful, and dead
  59. Necklace of a sibling who died on the day you were born
  60. Bottle of invisible ink that can only be read at sunset
  61. Spyglass that always shows the world suffering a terrible storm
  62. Black metal cylinder that dictates the history of an unknown plant species
  63. Journal in common, written by someone in a world similar but not quite the same as your own
  64. An instruction manual for activating a mysterious, world-destroying device
  65. An animated map of a mysterious city that appears to be tracking the movement of five creatures
  66. Talking wand that tells you the name of any plant you point it at
  67. Homunculus gum - whoever chews this gum bonds with the substance, which will begin to shape into a small gummy version of the chewer
  68. Duplicator - palm-sized box, put one thing in, get a copy. The copy is hugely inferior.
  69. Hallucinogenic herb, when smoked reveals a ridiculous truth and a ridiculous lie
  70. Tiny clay figurine that can be smashed to cause an earthquake
  71. Mouse-sized collar that will create a force-field if wrapped around a neck
  72. Weird eye-piece that when turned on causes some objects to glow green and others red…
  73. Hollow ball that rolls behind you and never stops trying to follow you, can store a head-sized object or smaller.
  74. Glass container the size of a pop can, holds the “maggot prince” inside
  75. Witch’s Gore Candle, any injuries that happen in the presence of this candle’s light are extra painful, messy, and harmful.
  76. Pocket mirror that functions as normal, but doesn’t reflect anyone looking in
  77. Tiny syringe that can draw up to a bath-sized amount of liquid
  78. Bestiary, allows you to ask me one question about any creature during the game
  79. A top that cannot be spun if there are any invisible things nearby
  80. An old, but entirely relevant, erotica novel
  81. An ultra-rare trading card for a popular trading card game
  82. Necklace of war-era shell casings
  83. Pre-war pamphlet: Signs of Parasitical Infection
  84. Dog tags from the war, you don’t know who the soldier is
  85. Pre-war pamphlet: Against Human Simulacrum
  86. Pre-war pamphlet: The Indifferent Stars
  87. Ornamental switchblade
  88. Worn wanted poster with your face on it, high bounty too
  89. Pair of shot glasses, spent shotgun shells
  90. Miniature chess set, bone and glass, pieces missing
  91. N64 gaming console with a few games but only one controller
  92. Gameboy Color with monster fighting game
  93. Book of Elven anatomy
  94. Beautiful book of the Roaming Fortresses and Moving Castles
  95. Ancient, sealed letter with the nickname of a random PC, in a language that they know. “Dear (PC nickname), I assume you are reading this after entering the Academy. If so, you are only a little behind schedule. Try to keep up. Will see you at the end. - Zygott”
  96. A wedding ring
  97. A pet of your choosing
  98. Journal filled with poetry hand-written in Primordial
  99. Large transparent gem that, when gripped tightly, whispers in Terran
  100. Fallen star made into a necklace

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