Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dungeon Crawl: The Globe

Here's what it has:

  • Beautiful cartography from Dyson Logos
  • 27 keyed rooms to keep your players busy for a few sessions
  • A new enemy called the Mummies who do no damage but burst into sand that gets into armor and skin, spreading a deadly disease
  • A sand golem Pharaoh who can multiply
  • A twisted lich (or moderately low level) who collects teeth
  • A sphinx searching for the answer to a riddle
  • A few traps (including snakes and skin-burrowing scarabs)
  • A treasure room that has roughly 10,000gp worth of assorted treasures, making it difficult to export
  • It exists inside a magical snow globe, meaning it can fit into your campaign world with ease
  • Has repercussions and ways to continue after the fact

Basically this is a dungeon for a more Old School feel. It's not Tomb of Horrors, but people can die here. It can be run in 5e and the monster stats are simple enough to port to any system you use. This is a gritty dungeon crawl. The plot that leads your characters here is up to you. For me, it fits into an even bigger dungeon which will hopefully be finished soon, but for you it can exist anywhere (that's part of the fun of it being inside a Snow Globe).

Let me know what you think, both of the dungeon and how it was presented. I'm not graphic designer so I have no idea how to make a beautiful product. I would love help on that front.

Here's all the links you could possible need:


  1. I LOVE adventures that can slip into my existing campaign, then back, regardless of the world my players play in. This one's going to get used (after I beef it up a bit for higher level characters).

  2. Nice. And now your blog is added to my list of must read

  3. Good stuff! Here's a few notes. n.b.: SPOILERS

    The mummies have 1d4 HD but are described as crumbling at a touch. Is that working as intended? Or are only corpses supposed to crumble at a touch?

    General Suggestion: If you want an explanation of the size of HER tooth hoard, perhaps a subconscious part of the lich's magic creatures (including undead) to regrow one tooth per week. d6: 1-3 normal, 4-5 odd size or shape, 6: gold

    General Suggestion: is there some way to transport yourself back to the vicinity of the globe? Seems like there should be, but even if your intent is "no" a note to that effect might be goood.

    Coffer search table suggestion: when searching a coffer 93-96 gets d10xd8 gpv jewelry

    room 6: was "NPC" supposed to have a name or any additonal info? Was she part of the motley crew?
    room 12: typo "nobly" -> "noble"
    room 13: does the sand vomit kill you? or?
    room 14: typo "Mummy's" -> "Mummys'"
    room 15: maybe add gpv of tools?
    room 16: typo "which has been" -> "which have been"
    room 22: typo "drunken" -> "drunk"
    room 27: typo "tombs" -> "tomes"

    1. Hey, thanks for all of this. I'm the first to admit I am not an editor. Even when I go through multiple drafts things just slip by.

      The Mummies are 1d4 HP, not HD. I meant for them to be killed in one hit. Like 4e minions.

      The tooth hoard idea is great.

      And the idea was that a DM could rule on that. The returning thing. For me this slips into a larger Mega Dungeon and so they return after they've gathered a certain item. But you could rule it that they can return with a command word, or shaking the globe again (like they get a version of it inside the space, so the space isn't ACTUALLY inside the globe, but the globe is a key), or however you'd like.

      NPC was more of a trick/trap. My thoughts were that you could have her be from your campaign world, or just one of the survivors of the place. But again, it was left vague, more of me being lazy than anything.

      I imagine the sand vomit would kill a man. I just pictured tons of sand being forced down my throat and said "damn".

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