Monday, November 4, 2019

100 unedited anima

  1. truth is a constant force - shotgun, you are unable to tell lies while in possession of this weapon and are compelled to punish liars
  2. honeymoon dream - normal sword that has the ability to ignore armor and gain lethality 10, but breaks afterward.
  3. The most precious piece - It’s the middle to a 9 piece puzzle. Completed, the puzzle acts as a permanent teleportation circle.
  4. evil man's mind - helmet, allows you to transfer consciousness with one sentient being you see
  5. hug it out! - gloves, anything successfully grappled by these gloves becomes pacified until let go
  6. crowd noise - hand canon, the gunshot can sound like anything other than a gunshot
  7. Airstrike - boots, allow you to float continuously up, they don’t allow you to go down
  8. Gigantic - large, aperture-science-esque orb canon, can make one thing LARGE but it must make another thing SMALL
  9. frightful silence - cloak, as long as the PLAYER doesn’t talk, their CHARACTER is completely silent
  10. sigmar's ult - a large gold medallion, will spin infinitely but requires at least two people to spin
  11. the maw of god - gauntlet, stores one item inside the palm. If another item is put in, stored item is propelled out at dangerous speeds.
  12. museum of war - old war banner, turns whatever its draped over to stone.
  13. Dreadclaw - indestructible wolverine claws, the arm that it is affixed to grows a foot of hair a day
  14. vault of the fallen - old war banner, keeps whatever its draped over alive.
  15. the end. - orb, once cracked causes 3D of Mind damage to all those around.
  16. Goblin Emperor - a crown of animate emotion. Wear it and your emotion will be personified as an animal of appropriate color.
  17. Dreadbringer - title, 1/day you can put a living target to sleep (Mind save) or cause horrid nightmares (1D of Mind damage)
  18. Witchfire - a ball of living fire that can locate any fire nearby, and can talk to fire 1/day.
  19. Hive Fleet Issue - allows you to communicate to insects and makes them more likely to follow direct orders
  20. Vindicator's Daughters - pair of bracers, makes your brain twice as large, if two people wear them they can share thoughts
  21. Lunar Matora - half-moon stained-glass shield, shines brightly in the dark and smiles when the wearer is in danger
  22. Hound - helmet fit for a dog, gives them super strength
  23. Mauler 1 - massive gauntlet, if charged for one round it can shove a target with such force that they smash through other objects
  24. Hulk - leather armor, makes you grow twice as large and twice as strong when you become jealous. You also become green
  25. Malediction - hand cannon, lethality 5, deals an additional 1D per death you are currently suffering
  26. Dark Sorcerer - staff, can link with a target to read their thoughts, and if they fail a Mind contest you can put a thought into their head
  27. Whirling Zephyr - tiny hot air balloon that can carry a single person
  28. Zebra - long barrel rifle, alternating shots heal 1, lethality 3
  29. Tyrantosaurus - boots, 1/day you can move 4x as fast and crash through objects
  30. Unbowed - prosthetic limb, shield 1, lethality 2
  31. Danger Days - A pair of goggles that let you see who has an intent to harm you. They glow red.
  32. Reverberation - orb, when cracked, everyone body save to keep hold of what is in your hands
  33. Benevolent Sacrifice - broach, breaks upon suffering a Body death, you can choose to suffer a different death
  34. Vigilance (Duelist) - rapier, when drawn you choose a target, they must face you and only you until the sword is sheathed
  35. Blinking Eyes of the Sun - clock, you can set it to day or night to turn all surrounding light on or off
  36. Dark Sun - clock, at night you can activate it to raise 6 skeleton minions to serve you
  37. Stardust - bag of dust, 3 uses, turns whatever its sprinkled on invisible
  38. Fairy's Bane - short sword, can hit intangible targets and seeks out invisible targets
  39. Mantra of Creation - cloak, when laid out and a name is spoken teleports that person under the cloak if they are willing
  40. Black Cat Eye - if place into your eye socket allows you to see in the dark
  41. Apex Vanguard - tower shield 5
  42. Apex Scout - long sword, lethality 5, when paired with the Vanguard you can attack twice
  43. The Fused Core - Robot brains connected into a rat king. Smarter than most things on an instinctual level.
  44. The Hive Mind - a bee nest that produces 1 use of brain control honey per month
  45. Fated Exterminate - knight’s armor 3, you can take all Body damage that would otherwise affect another target
  46. Sons of Sorrow - crying robot, can answer 1 question about your future per day.
  47. Carnage - mask, allows you to become gelatinous 1/day
  48. The Covenant of Regret - armor, allows you 1 take-back a day
  49. Prey - you choose a target and they are marked so you can track them
  50. Killer Swarm - injects your arm with a swarm of poisonous hornets that follow your command
  51. Rescue Mission - ray gun, choose a willing target, they are teleported back to the community house
  52. The Exile - ray gun, choose a target, if they fail a Mind contest they are teleported back to their “home”
  53. Toxic Waste - green goop, if exposed all people in the area must make a Body save or  mutate
  54. Dreadnought - 3 temporary tattoos, if laid on a sentient target it acts as a doorway into their dungeon
  55. Golem Hive - magical seal, allows you to create a homunculi
  56. Goliath Corp. - lion sash, allows you to talk to felines, 1/adventure you can turn into a lion 
  57. Widowmaker - veil, you can see and communicate with ghosts, 1/day you can become a ghost
  58. Zombie Ward - beacon, creates an aura that doesn’t allow anything without a beating heart to pass
  59. Flamestrike - sword that can become wreathed in flame
  60. Ironbeak Owl - an owl that will bond with whomever wins its trust. It has an unbreakable beak.
  61. Sealmaster Overspark - Orb, floats around your head, if you go unconscious it jolts you awake
  62. Snowcrag Geist -  boots, 1/day you can freeze solid for an entire round, no damage can harm you
  63. Voidfang Champion - purple helmet that turns your arms into snakes.They’re both super old.
  64. Banecaller Apprentice - staff, call the name of the last target to harm you, they are paralyzed for a round
  65. Cabal Shadow Priest - gauntlet, animates your shadow 1/adventure, shield 3
  66. Argent Protector - robot guardian, carries things and compliments you, can sacrifice itself for you
  67. Deck Build - orb, draw a car, if the Ace of Spades is drawn you get a one-word wish
  68. Starry Eyes of Nightmar, Part I - black eye, allows you to see through a shadow and out of another
  69. Plethora of Flames - sunglasses, set objects on fire, the size of the object and the material determine the time
  70. Starry Eyes Part II - white eyes, allow you to travel through a shadow that Part I looks through.
  71. Carcass Jackhammer and Gauntlets - immovable hammer, the gauntlets make it weightless
  72. Grimgrine - green orb, allow you to talk to plants, you grow flowers from your head
  73. The Red Eye - one-time ticket that allows travel to anywhere, but you must sleep a full night afterward.
  74. Oblivion's Embrace - boon given to those who pass Oblivion’s Gate, she hugs your shoulders
  75. Manticore's Bane - helmet made of two faces, the other face is sentient and can communicate
  76. Caldari Dreadstalk - blessing, when you sleep you astral project
  77. Lilith's Eye - eye of the Earth, 1/day see the history of a thing, where, why, how, who?
  78. Crimson Fangs - Gain a vampiric bite that absorbs damage and heals you 
  79. Zarak's Crown - the jaw of a mighty beast made into a crown, dogs fear you but you can talk to them
  80. Scythe of the Dragon Gods - made of dragon hearts, can kill/harm demons, favor with dragon slayers
  81. Dragonfly Nest - orb, can contained one willing target at a time, no time passes for them
  82. Huge Toad - Untraceable storage for any one item. 
  83. Darkheart - a still-beating heart, black ooze pumps out, creates 1 use of poison per adventure
  84. Ectopus - Can bring up to eight people to the afterlife without death once, getting back is more difficult.
  85. Cursefish of the Lake - a strange trout that can hold a lake of water in its mouth
  86. Ogremnoth's Crown - allows your mouth to open up large enough to eat an entire human.
  87. Dirty Birdcage - holds spirit of a messenger bird, can send messages to spirits 
  88. Bustard's Wreath - a necklace, creates two duplicates of you when you are stressed
  89. Blackbird's Hex - boon, allows you to summon a large blackbird to do a complicated task
  90. Cerberus' Chant - sword, lethality 3, 1/day can attack 3 targets at once
  91. Hound's Tail - whip, lethality 1, deals no damage but can restrain one creature indefinitely
  92. Pulverize - hammer, 1/day it can smash through any surface (wall, door, floor)
  93. Nightmare's Favour - boon, allows you to enter the Dreamwave 1/adventure
  94. Breath of the Wind God - cloak that allows you to treat air as water 1/day
  95. Dragon's Blood - highly flammable liquid, spreads quick, burns through steel, 3 uses
  96. Thrasher's Wing - sword, lethality 5, if it causes a Body death it decapitates the target
  97. Mantle of the Thunder God - belt, 1/adventure you can cause a minor earthquake with a big stomp
  98. Brick and Mortar - shotgun, ignore armor, lethality 10
  99. Fog of Despair - banner, when planted fog surrounds the area, planter of the banner can see
  100. Pale Moth's Horn - SUMMON THE PALE MOTH

The edited version of this list will be in an upcoming PDF release. Songbirds is out now, check the sidebar.


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