Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Does this count as a post?

It's 2:22 AM. I'm staying at a friend's house. One dog is outside and the wind is howling. The other is in the backroom, scratching at the door, whining cause its friend is gone. The doorbell rings. It's my friend trying to get the outside dog to come inside so he (my friend) can sleep.

What if instead of dogs they were monsters? What if one always wanted to be with the other, and the other always wanted to be [wherever the treasure was]. So you ring the doorbell. That gives you a small window to get the treasure and get out before drawing the gaze of the beasts.

Maybe these beasts are indestructible or friend's wife is laughing because the dog just farted. "I thought he just shit on the floor cause it smelled like shit," my friend says. There could be something there...

Also, does this count as my post for the day?

p.s. - I'm aiming to post once a day.

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