Thursday, January 5, 2017


I'm working on the next part of my extra-dimensional-space Mega Dungeon, and there's a sky-palace inside a dream that is home to a bunch of witches. Real strange witches. I think there might be 3 (like in a typical D&D coven) but they have disciples or cursed followers/victims. Not sure yet. But I'm looking at paintings for inspiration:

And they're getting the cogs working. I also found this awesome list of superstitions which I think could make for interesting tricks/traps/rooms/enemies and spells. Here's the ones I like the most and what I might do with them:

  • When playing cards which ever seat faces the door will have the best luck, the most unlucky seat is the one with its back facing the fireplace.
  • Four leaf clover magic item
  • There's a room that if you drop a fork in, the spirit of a man will come and aid you, but if you drop a spoon the witches will come. 
  • If you drop a piece of jewelry in front of a certain locked door, someone will come through it, thus unlocking it.
  • Ants fighting warns of combat in the next room.
  • Hands itch before treasure.
  • If two members of the party die, a third must be sacrificed.
  • Any rooms with birds in them means someone died there, or will die there.
  • There's bees in a certain room of one of the witches. Each one killed gives her a bonus of some kind.
  • There are 6 crows locked in cages scattered around. Unlocking each one has some stacking effect, with the sixth one bringing death.
  • Keeping a potato in your pocket protects you from disease (does not cure it).
  • Animals can talk at midnight. They know secrets.
  • One of the witches is tough to beat, but if her wedding things are worn by the party, she will surrender (something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue).
  • The magical chalk from the Sky-Blind Spire can create protection from evil circles.
  • The Witches will never strike anyone with their brooms or risk a curse.
  • Cats can astral travel.

    Okay. So that's quite the list. There's a lot more on the site. But these one are going to go in to the adventure somehow. 
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