Monday, January 9, 2017

So I Made an Adventure

It's called "Babes Against Ackwiss" and is about being trapped by a bored, stupid-powerful giant in his Coliseum with all of his prisoner princesses. It includes:

  • 10 pages including title and credits page for art
  • 6 of those pages are random tables to inspire ideas and make running the adventure easier
  • A quick start, putting the players in the action within seconds
  • A mechanic for creating Coliseum opponents with a deck of cards
  • Various areas of the Giant's Fortress that can be used by the players to plot their escape
  • 20 ready-to-go Princesses that can be printed and cut out for easy use
  • A one-shot mentality that plays off conflict, irony, and the threat of death every 10 minutes
  • Complication charts that add to the tension and entertainment
  • A kobold with the Deck of Many Things...


It's for a more laid-back DM who doesn't want to do much but watch the shit spiral out of control and roll some dice while sipping on (insert favorite alcoholic drink).

All you need to set it up are some dice, note cards, a timer (like on your phone), a standard deck of cards, and some people who are pretty alright. And really you could just get away with just dice, but the cards make it easier and a little more interactive on the DMs side.

Here's the PDF

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