Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What I Want From This Module

So I've been reading Zak Sabbath's blog. Stealing all the ideas. Among the many posts there's a great thing he does (which is something I've never thought of) where he posted a "module" and said something about how it was water damaged and he couldn't read it. This was just a clever way to inspire people with an image (or multiple images) and get a cool idea for a dungeon room.

In this same vain he had a post where he talked about what he'd like from a certain module. The idea of listing what you'd like from something, and then going about doing THOSE things feels so simple, so slap-on-the-forehead obvious, that it pains me to have never considered it.

I'm using it to figure out my next module: an EVIL campaign focused around world domination. So here's what it includes:
  • everyone plays as monsters
  • there's a town full of humans/elves/innocent little gnomes
  • the town would be an example of a cool city/village generator that front-loads the module
  • There would be a goblin cave, an orc tribe/mine, a gnoll pack, a dragon-led kobold mountainous group
  • players have to take over village and establish their reign
  • can team up with dragon, but have to live with tyranny
  • can team up with necromancer but have to corral undead
  • can team up with other villains but (insert limiting repercussion)
  • can fight the other monster lords to take over/indoctrinate/enslave other monsters into their army
  • there'd be some fun mass-combat mechanic involved
  • but it wouldn't have to go that route
  • players could infiltrate the culture
  • start a coupe
  • religious rebellion
  • merchant take over

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