Friday, January 20, 2017

Inside the Giant's Eye

So I'm working on my world. It's called "Inside the Giant's Eye". And I've had a breakthrough because of this interesting artist.

These are my elves:

And I don't mean that they are inspired by them. I mean that they look just like this. Elves come from the Cursed Woods and they are cursed. They cannot leave. Well, I mean, they can, they just don't want to.

They are black and white. They are thin and spindley. They have black pits for eyes. They move like they are in water and they have no space in their void-like mind for emotions.

You tell them the dead are coming (which they do quite often) and they'll say "Quite". You tell them that you've slain the jabberwocky and they might say "Really? You must be very proud".

I also think that Elves are the most direct descendants of the giants (which are not to be confused with D&D giants), meaning that a normal human would stand to about here:

So...there's that.

P.S. This guy's name is Hogan McLaughlin, and he's on deviantart.

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